You Sabotage Your Own Life When You Decide To Live Someone Else’s

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You are ruining your own life by living someone else’s. 

That is truly the only way I can describe comparison, a habit that is running rampant for millennials in this insane world of social media. These days, we have instant access to every in and out of our peers, co-workers, and old high school friends’ lives and we constantly feel that we are behind in some way.

One former peer that I used be extremely close with got engaged last year and knowing that we are the same age, I just couldn’t deal. I was shocked and slightly jealous at the same time. I just thought to myself, “Wow, if she is engaged right now, I must be really behind in my life. Everyone else is ahead of me.”

Now, knowing that we are no longer close, I know it is absolutely irrelevant, but just thinking about my reaction made me remember how much we compare ourselves to each other online and in reality, and honestly, it’s so toxic.

It makes you nervous and your face becomes all hot, flushed, and you end up recoiling into your shell, bringing yourself down, every chance you get because now you think you aren’t good enough compared to someone else’s life, someone else’s highlight reel.

But it’s time you realize that you aren’t everyone else and you can’t compare yourself to anyone because what works for you works for you and you aren’t like everyone else.

Yeah, your friend may be getting engaged but do you really want to sacrifice your 20s for that right now? Is that for you? 

The time you are spending comparing yourself to everyone else is the time you could be using to lift yourself up and tap into your God-given destiny.

I think it can really be said that we all struggle to hold onto a healthy sense of our own reality because we are constantly being bombarded with everyone else’s.

But you have to remember that life doesn’t work the same way for everyone at all. 

Some may be working to get back to school, some people may be finishing school, some may decide to have a baby, while others may have no kids are looking for part-time work to make ends meet.

I don’t want you to miss the calling on your destiny because you were too busy focusing on someone else’s, too busy believing that you have to be like everyone.

You owe it to yourself not to screw yourself over by trading in your life for someone else’s.

There’s a reason everything has worked out the way it has for you and that is no coincidence.

Revel in that and decide that you matter. TC mark

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