Read This When You’re Struggling To Believe You’re Good Enough

Natalie Allen

If someone were to tap me on the shoulder when I was hunched over my computer screen years ago while I was writing, severely insecure and not knowing two shits about blogging, and told me I was going to be writing for various publications and magazines and have the desire to even write a book, I would have gasped and probably scoffed at them a little.

Because at that time, I was seriously struggling to truly be confident enough when it came to my craft and I doubted if the name ‘writer’ could even be applied to me at all because I am like many writers who constantly doubt if we are good enough.

We compare ourselves to others in the field and weigh our talent against theirs. We doubt our skill set, our potential for visibility, and wonder if we even have what it takes.

That was me for the longest time. I compared myself to others in my writing program and I wouldn’t even pitch to publications for fear that I would be rejected. 

I was constantly in awe of others who published their writing in print and online and I wished I could do that.

But slowly, as time went on, and through insurmountable moments of pain and disappointment in my life, I found something that I can call my own, a talent I am proud of and something I have fought to become great in. Writing. And I absolutely love it.

However, would if I quit years ago and thought to myself, fuck it, I can’t write, I am never going to succeed in my program, I am not talented, this isn’t for me…..And decided to quit on writing?Would I ever realize how amazing I actually can be?

Would I have been able to reap the blessings of a seed I had sown but one that hadn’t yet been given a chance to blossom?

The answer is no.

But a lot of want to throw in the towel when we haven’t manifested into our greatness just as yet; when we don’t see results and we face roadblocks we haven’t anticipated.

I had a goal to blog online and I did it, after years of having a blog that no one read. I hated that I got like no views and I thought I was wasting my time at times, but that little blog would give me the experience that I needed for the things I am pursuing RIGHT NOW. Now my goal is to be published in magazines and eventually get my work in print. And it will happen when the time is right.

So to you, the person who is doubting whether or not they are good enough, or if they matter, or if you are talented and will reach anywhere in life, you too need to give your seed some time to blossom so you can truly realize just how great you can be.

Nothing comes easy. Nothing comes overnight and you may not be where you want to be for weeks, months, and even years. But eventually you will be where you want to be if you don’t give up, and you will smile at yourself for waiting it out through some seriously hard and unsatisfying times. 

Give yourself and your talent the correct time that it needs to grow and watch how you soar. Don’t compare yourself to anyone and watch how you amaze yourself and flourish in your own lane. Give yourself time to struggle, fall, sweat, cry and doubt, all before you get to a place where you yourself can’t even believe it.

Would you quit so easily if you knew what was in store for you next?

It’s up to you. TC mark

God first. Friend. Encourager.

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