Read This When You Think There Are No Answers To Your Pain

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When I got outside today to drop off my resume for a job I am applying to, I breathed in the fresh air and said out loud to myself, “Wow. I’m alive, thank God.”

If you truly haven’t been through anything traumatic in your life, I don’t think you can have the same appreciation for life the way people who have do.

Because it’s the ones who have gone through fire and come back scarred but still standing that know what it means to feel the cool air on your skin and not complain of the chill, but shiver in gratitude instead.

Life is a blessing, but it is also filled with disappointments, sadness, tragedy, loss, confusion, and constant unexpected change in events.

For me, as someone who lives with depression, I have had my share of horrendous moments, even moments where I have wanted to take my own life because it all became too much for me.

For anyone who has been through depression, you know how exhausting it is.

To have to wake up day in and day out and deal with an illness you never asked to deal with and have to go on with life in addition to this burden.

To have to go to therapy when all of your friends are graduating and going on with their lives. To have your self-esteem crushed by darkness a hundred times over, and to then stare at yourself in the mirror and greet someone you now see as a stranger.

Someone who is alive, but has died long ago.

It is not easy for any of us and we all struggle to get by even if we are afraid to admit it. We all struggle to make sense of the pain that has been unloaded in our lives and comes to terms with the fact that at the end of the day, we are responsible for how our lives turn out in the end because we are the owners.

But let me just say this, if you feel like you have been waiting forever for answers to your pain. Give it time.

“Time is the healer of all wounds,” is often the cliche saying that is used when one is trying to heal their life, mind, and soul, but I promise you it is the truth.

Because in the midst of your storm, you will never be able to have the same consciousness that you will when you give some time to what you are facing.

Think of it as riding a wave while you are in the water. You step in, the waves are rough and you now want to return to shore because your body can’t handle the weight.

Give the waves a couple of minutes or an hour and they are calm now and you can step back in and dip your whole body in and enjoy the waves and the feeling of the cool brush against your skin.

That is the way to handle life because honestly, you are not going to understand everything that happens to you and at the moment it will suck and you will kick your feet and flail your arms and want to scream at the confusion, scream at the pain.

But in time, you will be able to bit by bit make a little more sense of everything you have endured and find some meaning to your experiences.

Don’t give up right away because the going gets tough. Give it time just like waves at sea and wait for you calm to the storm. It is there you will find your answers. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

God first. Friend. Encourager.

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