10 No Bullshit Reasons Why Millennials Are So Unsatisfied

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In a world where we praise Cardi B for what seems like instant success and the habit of yearning for the “dream life” without realizing that the reality is less of handbags and fast cash and more like an actual grind, I can see why more and more millennials are unsatisfied with their lives.

I was watching a Youtube video the other day for instance, and the young woman I was watching was nonchalantly unwrapping her 11k worth of designer handbags.

I won’t even lie to you, as someone who cannot wait for the day when I can purchase some MK and Guess bags even, I wished I was her for a good minute.

Because here I am wanting that life but I am out here struggling with no job, not close to finishing school, and less than the fab life.

Watching her revel in her purchases I can see why a lot of younger people who watch her channel probably see her life and would want to dedicate their next big check to designer handbags, not really understanding that yes, that is great to have, but not everyone really has the means to get to that lifestyle.

At least right away. Contrary to what you may think, a lot of 23 year olds right now are not as happy as you might think. The reality of our lives weighed against what we see on social media and TV screens is like night and day and more and more of us are falling into the trap of being seriously unsatisfied with our lives.

Here are 10 honest reasons millennials are hating their lives right now.

1. We are so fucking impatient.

I am, you are, we all are people!

I can’t count the number of times I have sat wishing I had the life I have dreamt of since I was little, but the reality of life gets in the way of what I want.

But in all honesty, a lot of us are not willing to wait for anything. We want things perfect and we don’t actually think we have to work that hard to get it. Newsflash: ya do. And it is constant work, setbacks, writing gigs for no pay (if you are a writer) no money for expensive things, and maybe some tears, until you get there. Sorry, but I’m honest.

2. We spend too much time comparing our lives to what we see on social media. 

Your reality isn’t what you see on Youtube. Just be honest with yourself and accept the fact that right now in your life, you are struggling and maybe Fenty beauty has to be on hold for a while until you get a job. What you see on social media is not reality and also, a lot of what you see could very well be fabricated for show.

3. We are terrible at dealing with setbacks

I can’t do it, you can’t do it. We are a selfish generation who doesn’t give af about anyone else and we want things OUR way and if it isn’t how we want it, we get mad. I do it all the time. Trust. But the setbacks motivate you to get your shit together cause I am broke and I want to shop. Currently job hunting!

4. We care way too much about what other people think about us

People will talk about you until you are dead, but what gets me is that the ones who judge the most forget that they have their own demons they are dealing with and forget to point the finger at themselves. Use your twenties to build your self-esteem so that you are less inclined to give a shit.

5. We listen to family and friends who don’t support our dreams 

Thankfully I haven’t got much shade, (yet) but there will ALWAYS be dream crushers who are either hatin or don’t want to believe in you. Not everyone was made to be a nurse, that is why I am a writer! (smiles). You control your destiny and you become what you want to become.

6. We define our lives by milestones 

Someone may have their dream job by now or graduated college already. But life is not a race, even though I fall into that comparison trap at times. What God has for you is yours, no matter the timing.

7. We have an extreme false perception of life. 

If only as a writer I could book by dream job right after college like Andy from the Devil Wears Prada my life would be complete.

But, as we know, in reality we have to work for what we want. You won’t get your dream job right after college. It just doesn’t work that way.

8. We despise humble beginnings.

We want everything so fast that what we do in the meantime seems to little. The part-time job you do while in school, the writing you do without pay (writing that is actually building your portfolio). We just all want it so fast that the right now, seems too small.

9. We compare our lives to our friends

I think now that real life is hitting me and I actually have shit I need to deal with I hardly do this anymore, but don’t do that please. Your friends are struggling just like you. Count your blessings.

10. Finally, we give up on our dreams way to quickly

As a writer who likes to yak my mouth of, I dream of working for a magazine publication. Not sure which one yet, but ya girl can write and that is what I know as of now.

For a lot of us, because we are not living the fast life and we aren’t as satisfied as we thought we would be in our lives, we give up on our dreams completely. But I feel like once you are given the gift of life and talents to go along with it, it’s your duty to see where that will take you.

Millennials, please be patient. It is a consistent grind, but you’ll get there. TC mark

God first. Friend. Encourager.

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