What You Need To Stop Doing If You Want To Be A Successful Writer

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The first time I got into writing and even pursued a writing degree for that matter, I had this horrible habit of comparing my writing to others.

It is not even something that you intend to do consciously, but you may see the work of others in your class, overhear them share their work or just catch a glimpse of the countless articles published online daily and truly lead yourself to believe that this field is not what you are capable of succeeding in.

It is a shock that I even made a blog years ago (that no one read by the way) and now submit to multiple blogs and write voraciously given the low esteem I had when it came to my writing years ago.

I just constantly held myself back by believing that everyone else had that special something I must have been lacking.

I sat back and looked at others get published and didn’t even think twice about submitting my own work because I thought I wasn’t fit for publication.

But, slowly I realized that I was only holding myself back from tapping into my destiny.

If you have been called to write and that is truly a passion that you have, then damn it, you need to write.

Stop looking at other writers, assuming that they are better than you because it is far from the truth. What you have to offer as a writer is unique and no one else, even if they tried, can mimic your style, or your voice.

Besides, your work and specific way of conveying words, whether it be your wit or relatable content could be your specific gift to the world.

One thing that writers learn along the way, is that everyone has a niche. Some may be the business/entrepreneurial kind of writer, while others may be the lifestyle guru, the one who inspires you to look for ways to better your life and perception on things.

Maybe someone can do it all, but you will never know what it is you have to offer if you hold yourself back out of fear and insecurity.

The field of professional writing is a cut throat one and calls for people who are willing to take rejection, practice until they get it right, delays (hard delays at that) on the road moving forward and of course, work against others who can write amazingly as well.

You have to be willing to say okay, I may not be perfect, but I will learn what I can do to be better. 

If you get rejected, try again and take the criticism with grace. Don’t get bitter and cry about it forever, even if you do for a moment.

God called me to write because I have a fighting spirit and He knows I have experienced my fair share of rejection, hurt and delays in this life and because of this, I now have the courage to make bold decisions and chances when it comes to pursuing what I want as a writer.

So if you are yearning to start that blog, please do! Don’t look at your friends who are blogging, don’t compare, don’t even worry about what others are doing because you have something very unique to offer and the world needs to see it.

A true winner is someone who takes their place in the lane and runs for what they want without looking back.

You got this. Now write. TC mark

God first. Friend. Encourager.

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