If You Find Yourself Mourning Lost Friendships, Here’s How To Find Closure For Good

Sam Manns

Never deem yourself as not needing anyone to rely on when it comes to life and dealing with the challenges that come along because I can tell you the road to happiness is not one that should be traveled alone.

Don’t let your pride get in the way of reaching out to someone who grants you their words of encouragement or even speaks on the phone with you for an hour, because the older we get, the harder it is for friends to come by or even stay for that matter.

I know some may think well that’s life, you move onto adulthood and that’s that; people drift apart and it is inevitable. But some relationships that are deep rooted and then automatically cut off because of life circumstances, can actually hurt, the comparison close to a breakup even.

They may have gotten engaged (happens in your twenties more than you think, I am learning), flown off to another country or simply just stopped contacting you with zero explanation.

But it actually hurts you for a good while because you feel like you were unfairly dismissed, just thrown out of someone’s life and the very moment you need a friend, they are no longer there.

It doesn’t even matter if you are in your twenties or entering your thirties, letting go of genuine friendships can be rough because as human beings we are wired to form human connections so we can laugh, grieve, and share meaningful relationships with others and nothing is worse than looking at your former BFF’s Instagram and seeing her live it up with her new life and friends without even a simple hello or a goodbye if they had plans to move off somewhere to another country.

You will hurt for a while and feel offended, but I promise you, you will get over this hurt and heal and learn through your lost friendships that the ones who are truly meant to stay, will not leave your side and will be there with you whether you are doing well or not.

I know you are that person who thinks well damn, I would never treat someone like that, but please remember that not everyone has your heart.

People get caught up in their own lives and egos as well and forget that they too once needed a friend or a check in from time to time.

Most importantly, people grow apart from each other so new, more authentic relationships can form and change you for the better. You may reconnect with an old friend who you find has truly become like family for you and is there rooting you on as you navigate through life.

Ultimately, relationships shift for a reason and more often than not, they shift for the better.

Letting go of people also teaches you to respect yourself more and grow out of the habit of always needing people around you to validate your existence.

So please, don’t hold grudges or be bitter against those who have moved on with their lives and haven’t invited you to be a part of it.

Those who matter, their love and support for you will never have to be questioned and that is really how you find closure for good. TC mark

God first. Friend. Encourager.

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