You Are Not Invincible

You Are Not Invincible
Brooke Cagle

I truly believe that the more you go through in life, the better you become as a person. Because often, especially as millennials, we have this tendency to worry about the most minuscule things ever.

How we look, who will love us, where we are in life compared to our peers and so on and so forth. All of the things that essentially don’t matter, but what does matter is what you have in front of you, because my love, you are not invincible.

You are not immune from death, heartache, poverty, or losing your best friend. You aren’t immune from all the bad that happens in this world, even though there is much good to enjoy. You are not immune from dying tomorrow and not being able to hug your mother or father one last time.

I say this because we often believe that nothing unfortunate will ever happen to us and we believe this wholeheartedly. We live like we cannot be touched and we live like perfection is our aim.

But as many of us know, life is a gift. It is not promised to anyone. It does not pick and choose who it will bless. Nor the trial that will strike your way.

Be thankful for the little things and please, stop worrying over things that will take care of itself or have to bearing in hindsight. You will get that interview and if you don’t, you are still alive and breathing, give thanks.

You failed that test? Try again. You have next time to do better. You are still not in a relationship? Someone will find you.

The bottom line is this, whether young or old, we all could be faced with circumstances that strike us at any time and may scare the living shit out of us.

So stop worrying over things that do not matter. At the end of the day, you have life; that is all that truly matters. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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