I Don’t Want You To Be In Love Unless It Looks Like This

I Don't Want You To Be In Love Unless It Looks Like This
Toa Heftiba

I want you to wait for the guy that adores you.

I want him to stare at you like you are the most beautiful woman in the world, but the stare actually makes you believe it.

I want you to be in awe that you are able to attain such love.

I want him to pray with you and encourage you to be better.

I want him to allow your perception on life to change.

I want him to make you feel safe when it all goes overboard.

I want him to be able to stop you in your tracks when you are being too hard on yourself.

I want him to respect you and your limits, whether socially or sexually.

I want him to lift you up when you can’t seem to carry the weight of it all anymore.

I want him to make you cry, because you are astonished that you mean so much to someone.

I want him to make you feel comfortable and not like you need to put on a front.

I want him to accept all of your flaws and remind you of your strengths.

I want him to love you so much, it changes you as a person.

I want him to think about you even when you least expect it.

I want him to be patient with you when you are a mess.

I want him to fight with you in this war of life.

If it isn’t this, keep looking because you deserve it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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