To Those With Depression, You Are Stronger Than You Think

Alessandro Di Credico
Alessandro Di Credico

I thought about addressing this many times but couldn’t bring myself to do it.

I thought to myself, I am saying too much, I’ll be judged, or perhaps the tone will come across too melancholic for one’s liking. But this is a struggle that needs to be shared and not kept isolated. The stigma needs to dissipate because for all of us who have faked smiles when we really wanted to cry, we are stronger than we will ever truly know.

So to those who struggled to get out of bed this morning, put on your clothes, get to school, work, an interview perhaps, great job. That took tremendous courage on your behalf. When you step outside today, I want you to look up. You are not your past and all of the struggles that you have endured, but you are a being who is evolving and doing the very best that you can. You may have no one to reach out to when you are at your lowest point, so I am reaching out to you today.

Yes, it isn’t fair that you have to be the one to try and conquer your moods when society says that “depression is for the weak.” You may even have to take a little pill each morning just to feel okay and are afraid that this means you are incapable of doing it alone, that you are giving into a “quick fix.”

These are all lies.

You are doing exactly what you need to do to be your best self and you are more than your daily struggle. You’re a fighter, survivor, mother, dad, daughter, sister, cousin, brother, aunt, uncle, friend, lover. A whole person beyond your battle.

And guess what? You are still here.

You survived the moments you thought you wouldn’t and because of you someone else has someone to look up to and say to themselves, Now know I am not alone. So when you hear that little voice in your head that keeps telling you it will never get better, remember that you have the strength you need to get you through that rough moment, day, minute, or hour.

The fact that you are reading this right now means you have the fuel deep inside your soul to motivate you to see beyond any darkness and seek light.

You’re loved, you’re beautiful and it will get better. TC mark


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  • TheFeatheredSleep

    I ‘get’ what you are saying here but I also think … what if you are saying this and someone ‘fails’ then they will be left feeling they are not stronger and that in order to have self-worth they ‘should’ be stronger. The hardest thing about depression is how condemned you are by society en mass = made me think of how often depressed people are ‘condemned’ for being depressed like it’s a choice. It’s my opinion few if any would ever choose such a perspective but I also don’t believe depression is something you can ‘cure’ easily if at all when it’s not due to a situation (bereavement etc) because it’s like saying ‘let’s change how we view the world entirely’ which yes, maybe some can do but most of us are who we are, and as such if you see the sadness in the world and it is that coupled with not seeing distractions like football as appeasing that intrinsic sadness, then you’re going to for the most part, view the world and life as ‘suffering’ with respites of joy/happiness. That’s how I view the world it’s not because I do not acknowledge others are happy maybe even most of the time, nor that I don’t wish I had that perspective, but since I was a kid I opened my eyes and I saw the world and this is what I saw. I’m not sure that is cultural, genetic, learned or can be un-learned through behavioral or cognitive ‘therapy’ I think it’s the mortar of our soul, some have different souls, some seem to be able to live on the ‘froth of the daydream’ whilst others can ‘make the best of it’ and others ‘endure’ and others are sorrow laiden. I would say, it helps nobody who is ever depressed whether short or long term, to be condemned for it, so I always welcome different perspectives that don’t being with ‘if you just wanted to be happy you could make it so’

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