The Sad Truth About Dating Someone You Know Won’t Be Around Forever

Any person who likes to travel knows the heartbreak of meeting people you really connect with only to have it end in some sappy goodbye scene you’ve only ever seen in movies. Truth is, even though these goodbyes hurt, we’d much rather have a genuine connection with a friend or loved one rather than a forced and unnatural relationship with someone we couldn’t care less about. Lo’ and behold, you end up in the latest and greatest place with a repeat deja-vu of having to say goodbye one more time. No matter how many times you tell yourself this time is going to be different and you’re not going to be a sucker for love, then BAM! The sweetest guy or girl comes out of nowhere and completely sweeps you off your feet. You try and fight the temptation and emotions, but in no time flat, you find yourself in a whirlwind of fun and adventure with a seasonal partner.
You end up back to square one wondering how you could do this to yourself again but you decide to let it ride because living in the moment is your new favourite thing. I remember drunkenly telling him, “I’m not going to not love you simply because you’re leaving.” For the first time, my drunken state of mind actually made sense to my sober self. Why on earth would a person cheat themselves out of love simply because they knew it wasn’t going to be forever? Seems a little silly to think especially for a 20-something-year-old. Of course, the crazy girl in me always wonders if he’s the one or if our relationship would flourish if it had the chance to? Does he like me as much as I like him? Could you imagine if he stayed for me or asked me to go with him? Woah, chill girl. These words pop into my mind at least once a day and I’ve managed to keep a calm, cool, and collective attitude toward the whole thing for an entire six months now.
Let me put it to you this way, being that chilled out chick who doesn’t put any sort of pressure on a relationship is exactly what has gotten me this far. Even though my mind races with a million questions and the urge for some sort of validity, I realize that this is just my mind playing tricks and I really don’t need anything more than exactly what I have. An incredibly handsome, outgoing, fun, and altogether amazing guy who just so happens to like my company as much as I enjoy his. Even though the mind games in my own head never quite subsided, the one thing I noticed was the less pressure I put on our relationship, the closer we became. Now, this obviously wasn’t the ideal situation because now I’m basically in love with an individual who’s leaving me in less than two weeks. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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