25 Questions Every Kid Had In 2004

The best advice anyone can give to a soon-to-be teenager is, โ€œItโ€™s gonna get weird.โ€ For us who had Siriโ€™s older brother SmarterChild as a buddy, we had a lot of weird to deal with. Unfortunately, adults really couldnโ€™t help us with some of our more pressing new millennium questions.

1. A/S/L?

2. What lyrics should I use as my away message?

3. What should my new AIM screen name be?

4. How do you grind?

5. Why donโ€™t the kids in my school look like the people on The WB?

6. Why is my mom on the phone when I want to go online?

7. Will I ever get a Sidekick?

8. Can my cellphone do that weird walkie-talkie thing?

9.ย What color RAZR do you have?

10. How do you three-way call without hanging up on someone?

11. How many minutes do I have left?

12. Did she move me down on her Top 8 โ€˜cause sheโ€™s mad at me?

13. How can I make my own MySpace layout?

14. How do I get on the Real World?

15. Am I too old to play Pokemon?

16. What should I write in my LiveJournal today?

17. Do you want to go to f.y.e?

18. Why are Yu-Gi-Oh cards so expensive?

19. Want to come over to watch Degrassi and Instant Star?

20. Are you seeing Fall Out Boy at Warped Tour?

21. Can I rent this movie On Demand?

22. Should I clean my room just in case I get on Room Raiders?

23. How can I clear the porn out of my browser history?

24. Who cut Nellyโ€™s face so bad that he needs a bandage all the time?

25. Was it the same person who shot 50 Cent? TC mark

featured image – Dawson’s Creek


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