25 Questions Every Kid Had In 2004

The best advice anyone can give to a soon-to-be teenager is, “It’s gonna get weird.” For us who had Siri’s older brother SmarterChild as a buddy, we had a lot of weird to deal with. Unfortunately, adults really couldn’t help us with some of our more pressing new millennium questions.

1. A/S/L?

2. What lyrics should I use as my away message?

3. What should my new AIM screen name be?

4. How do you grind?

5. Why don’t the kids in my school look like the people on The WB?

6. Why is my mom on the phone when I want to go online?

7. Will I ever get a Sidekick?

8. Can my cellphone do that weird walkie-talkie thing?

9. What color RAZR do you have?

10. How do you three-way call without hanging up on someone?

11. How many minutes do I have left?

12. Did she move me down on her Top 8 ‘cause she’s mad at me?

13. How can I make my own MySpace layout?

14. How do I get on the Real World?

15. Am I too old to play Pokemon?

16. What should I write in my LiveJournal today?

17. Do you want to go to f.y.e?

18. Why are Yu-Gi-Oh cards so expensive?

19. Want to come over to watch Degrassi and Instant Star?

20. Are you seeing Fall Out Boy at Warped Tour?

21. Can I rent this movie On Demand?

22. Should I clean my room just in case I get on Room Raiders?

23. How can I clear the porn out of my browser history?

24. Who cut Nelly’s face so bad that he needs a bandage all the time?

25. Was it the same person who shot 50 Cent? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – Dawson’s Creek

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