21 Ways To Tell If You’re Gaycist

1. You’ve asked a same-sex couple which one is the guy and the girl.

2. You call someone your “gay best friend.”

3. You ask every lesbian if they listen to Tegan and Sara or Melissa Etheridge.

4. You want a gay friend just for dancing, shopping, and relationship advice.

5. After finding out someone is gay, you immediately start talking about another gay person you know.

6. You’ve said, “No homo.”

7. You think all gay guys are bad at sports despite some being excellent wide receivers.

8. You think Macklemore and Lady Gaga are the voices of the gay rights movement.

9. You’ve asked a gay couple, “So, how does it…work?”

10. You’ve preceded a compliment to a gay person with, “I’m completely straight but…”

11. You told a gay person, “You don’t seem gay.”

12. You don’t understand why we need more LGBT characters in all forms of media.

13. You’ve said, “Do whatever you want, but just don’t shove it down my throat or throw it in my face.”

14. You think gay people talk too much about being gay when straight people never talk about being straight.

15. You clarify your sexual orientation before stating your support for gay rights.

16. As a straight person, you feel you can adequately define what discrimination is.

17. You believe being LGBT is inherently bad for people without considering the effects of institutional and social oppression.

18. You’ve paid for media that outed a person without their consent.

19. You call anyone a faggot in any circumstance.

20. You’re afraid a gay person will sexually harass you in a locker room.

21. You think equal rights are “special rights.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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