How To Write Your Way Out Of Writer’s Block

Doug Robichaud

To say I’ve been exhausted the past couple days would be an understatement. I have spent far too long on the couch, and in bed, and in the bath, and not enough time writing. I don’t even have the energy to do the dishes (which are piling up beyond belief) let alone write a thought provoking piece.

It’s easy to say “Oh, I have writer’s block, there’s not much I can do for now”, but I think that’s a cop-out. You don’t have writer’s block, you’re just unmotivated. I feel you, but you can’t let that stop you from writing killer articles.

The best way to beat writer’s block? By writing. I know, it sounds like a paradox, but it’s true! Just let it all out. Let the word vomit go wherever it may fall. If it is absolute garbage, then so be it. My creative juices simply aren’t flowing right now, so I’m writing about what I am feeling – which happens to be “stuck”.

Often times when I feel like I have writer’s block, it is because I am blocked, but not in that way. I’m usually stressed out, have way too much on my plate, and really don’t want to deal with it. I figure if In ignore it, it will all sort itself out. I should know by now that life isn’t like that, but here we are. I block out my emotions, so that I’m also blocking out the stresses of my hectic life – but that also means I’m blocking the creative energy, which hinders the writing process exponentially!

You can write until you are blue in the face, but if you aren’t passionate about what you are writing about, it’s going to show in your work. It’s crucial that you along the creative juices to flow in, out, and around your mind. Write about whatever comes to mind, and if it isn’t top notch throw it away – at least it got you to start thinking creatively again!

Don’t use writer’s block as an excuse anymore. Write. Sit your butt down, turn off your cell phone, put on some Ed Sheeran acoustic, and write. Life is better when creativity is free to roam. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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