She Was Hypnotized To Become A Submissive And She Loved It

Twenty20 / nei.cruz
Twenty20 / nei.cruz

Caroline had been at her job for a few months, but had a hard time fitting in. Her colleagues, a bunch of catty, older women froze her out, because they believed she got the job on her looks, that she slept her way into her position. There was no truth to that, but her boss, Mr. White, had looked at her hungrily during the interview and always stood way too close while they talked. It was her first job out of college and she had actually been surprised she got it. Caroline had done nothing to encourage him and had rebuffed his advances several times, but her colleagues had seen how familiar he was with her and wouldn’t believe her when she explicitly told them nothing was going on.

One day, Mr. White came to her desk and invited her to join him on a trip to Las Vegas for a weeklong trade convention. He said she would learn a lot, make lasting and important connections and so on, although the bulge in his pants suggested he had other motives. Caroline thought about it and accepted. They would have two rooms, so she could stop his advances. And he was right, it could be good for her career. Perhaps she’d find another job where she’d be happy.


A few weeks later, Caroline stepped off the plane in Las Vegas alone. Mr. White’s secretary had called as she waited in the security line and told her that her boss had gotten food poisoning and couldn’t go. She forwarded the itinerary and bookings to Caroline’s phone and wished her good luck. Caroline was a bit nervous but excited; she had never been on a business trip before, nor had she ever been in Las Vegas.

She took a cab to the hotel to shower and get dressed, then it was time for the first symposium. During the day, she learned a lot and tried to make contacts. After a dinner with a few people from the convention, Caroline headed to the entertainment Mr. White had booked, “The Amazing Mesmer.” It was at a small club off the strip and it turned out The Amazing Mesmer was a hypnotist, a tall and slightly pudgy, but broad shouldered man, maybe a few years older than her. He started his show by explaining a bit about how hypnotism worked, and just hearing his deep voice did something strange to Caroline. He was really talented and funny as he picked person after person from the audience and made them do all kinds of things, using the light of a crystal in his hand to put them under. Caroline laughed along with everybody else, but as Mesmer put them under and ordered them around she found herself feeling fuzzy and compliant. When he ordered a man to bark like a dog she found herself woofing along with him until she caught herself and blushed in embarrassment. She looked around in the room and thankfully no one was looking at her, but when she looked back at the stage Mesmer smiled knowingly at her.

He pulled Caroline up on stage next and had her under almost as soon as he showed her the crystal. She was still kind of aware of everything, but it was like she was a spectator in her own body, floating, happy and fuzzy. Even Mesmer seemed surprised at how easily Caroline was to manipulate, and proclaimed to the audience that he could make her do anything! He explained that with most people the trance he induced lowered inhibitions and made them pretty suggestible, but that they wouldn’t do anything completely out of character. Once in a while he came across someone like Caroline though, who was extremely open to hypnosis and lacked the normal mental barriers. He smiled and said that it was the first time it was such a beautiful woman.

He got Caroline to sing and dance even though she normally suffered stage fright, and it felt so liberating to just let it happen. He then made her behave like a few animals, crawling around on stage like a dog wagging her butt like a tail, hopping around like a bunny, arching and purring and rubbing up against him like a cat to her owner. There were a lot of whistles from the audience and a few of the more inebriated men yelled out lewd suggestions. Part of her felt so humiliated and she struggled to get control even as she felt herself getting aroused by the strange situation and her lack of control. Mesmer then got her to tell the audience her most embarrassing memories to show that he didn’t just have control of her body, but her mind as well.

As the show ended he had her stay on stage and then commanded her to come with him. He led her to his room at the casino and told her to stand still and quiet, to wait as he stepped into the bathroom. Caroline stood there motionless for 15 minutes or so as she heard the shower running. She struggled to gain control one last time before giving up, resigning herself to what he had in store for her, to that floating, happy and fuzzy place her mind was in. He came out of the bathroom naked, newly showered and with his big hard dick leading the way. She still couldn’t move as he started caressing her, as he stripped her until she was standing there naked and wetter than she’d ever been. She was mad at herself for how she reacted, but his gentle touch and the mental bondage he had put her in was such a turn-on.

He stood behind her and played with her tits, switching between pinching and gently caressing her nipples, as his cock laid in her ass crack. He whispered a command in her ear.

“Lay down on the couch and spread your ass. Good girl. I want you to keep eye contact with me for this. I want to hear your pleasure, your moans, as I take you.”

Mesmer took some lube from a drawer and started lubing up his massive cock as she obeyed. She felt a surge of fear as she realized what he was about to do. She was a virgin back there, but she was powerless to stop herself or him.

As he started working lubrication into her ass with his finger he made his next command.

“You will relax your ass completely as I push into you, and clench each time I pull out. Your arousal will build and build, and when I bottom out in you, you will cum hard. You will cum each time I bottom out, and when I fill you with my seed you will cum non stop until I pull out of you.”

It felt dirty and taboo and she thought it should feel wrong, but it felt just too good.

She felt him remove his fingers and put his cock head against her opening and though Caroline’s instinct was to clench, she felt herself opening up and his thick head went in with just a little twinge that just fueled her horniness.

Caroline whimpered and moaned as Mesmer slowly nudged his way deeper and deeper, stretching her out. It felt dirty and taboo and she thought it should feel wrong, but it felt just too good.

Caroline looked deep into his grey-blue eyes, unable to look away. He really was quite handsome, and that look in his eyes, that complete desire for her turned her on just as much as his cock going where nothing had gone before. She absentmindedly wondered what his real name was — he looked like an Andrew or maybe an Eric. Suddenly he jerked his hips forward, his hips slapping against her ass, and she came. It was the first time ever that she came without something on her clit, and it was a strange and wonderful orgasm that left her quivering and breathless.

He groaned as her ass milked his cock, but held back. He kept still and ran his hands up along her body, feeling her trembling stomach, teasing her nipples, running his thumb along her lower lip and smiling as she suckled at it. She felt him pull out until the head of his cock caught on the rim of her ass. He thrust in most of the way again and again, keeping her on edge, then suddenly he slammed in hard all the way, making her squeal and cum just as hard again. He made her cum again and again without any real pattern, sometimes he fucked her for a minute or two before going deep, other times he did it two or three times in a row. Caroline felt like she was dissolving into pleasure, the conscious part of her mind only focused on the next rush of euphoria and his eyes.

Mesmer’s thrusts were getting erratic, and with a bellow he pushed in deep and came hard, filling her with his hot seed. She came harder than ever before, screaming so hard that no sound came out. The hypnotist slumped forward, resting his body against hers, his cock still deep inside her, slowly softening, keeping her at the peak of orgasm as he had commanded. Darkness was creeping in around the edges of her vision as the pleasure became too much, but she couldn’t move, couldn’t break his command. Through a massive amount of willpower she got enough control of her breath to at least whimper pleadingly, and he rolled off her to rest next to her on the couch. He kissed her on the cheek and spoke into her ear, “Relax your body, let it recover. You can stop keeping eye contact with me now.”

She felt her body slump down on the couch as she drew ragged breaths and her pulse slowly returned to normal. Mesmer pulled her close so that her head was resting on his chest and he rested his hand on her waist. They stayed like that for a while, and Caroline felt strangely blissful and content even as her mind slowly cleared of that overwhelming pleasure. After what seemed like an eternity, Mesmer told her to stand up and led her into the shower. He washed her body from head to toe, and he paid special attention to her tits, her pussy, and her ass, making her aroused again. When he was done he had her wash him in return; she washed his hair and face, soaped his neck and shoulders and down his arms. She washed his back down to his butt, then each leg and foot. He turned around and she couldn’t help but notice that he was hard again, his impressive erection brushing against her belly as she soaped his chest and stomach. She lathered his shaft and balls, and down his thighs. Without him even telling her she stroked him and played with his balls just as he had with her, making him moan.

After he had rinsed off the suds, he commanded her to kneel and start licking his shaft. As she obeyed he continued.

“The taste of me is the best thing you’ve ever tasted, and it turns you on. You will blow me, and you will take me deep down your throat. You will not gag, you have no gag reflex. You will lick the underside of my dick as you blow me, and as I enter your throat you will swallow again and again to massage my cock. Each time you take me all the way down you will feel a spark of an orgasm, and when you swallow my cum you will cum hard.”

Caroline had never minded giving head to her boyfriends, it had felt good to give them pleasure and it made her feel naughty, but with Mesmer’s commands she felt wonderful. His skin and his precum tasted like heaven, and as she worked her way down his cock, swallowing and swallowing, she got hotter and hotter. Her pussy started clenching and as her nose nuzzled into his pubes she was right on the verge. She held him deep until she needed to breathe, then she pulled back and drew a few breaths through her nose before going deep again. Being so close to cumming felt both incredible and incredibly frustrating and Caroline found herself longing for his cum and the orgasm she knew it would bring.

After what felt like all too long, Mesmer grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth as she felt him grow in her throat. When he was right on the edge he stopped with just his head in her mouth and as she licked and sucked he came with a loud groan. Caroline soon had a mouthful and eagerly swallowed, triggering her own massive orgasm. He kept shooting jet after jet, filling her mouth again, and when she swallowed again she came once more, just as hard.

Mesmer pulled out of her mouth and helped her up to her feet. He hugged her body tight as they stood under the hot water, then he kissed her. He washed her face again and she washed his flaccid cock. They stepped out of the shower and he dried her off and then himself, and then led her to the bed. He laid down in bed with her, spooning her naked body to his, then he picked up the crystal from his nightstand. As the light from the bedside lamp played through the crystal into her eyes he spoke into her ear, telling her to sleep and dream happy dreams as she laid safe in his arms.


Caroline awoke slowly to a building pleasure, feeling his body wrapped around her and his cock sawing slowly back and forth between her nether lips as her hips responded. She moaned and opened her eyes and saw that it was still night. She also saw his hand resting on the pillow in front of her and so she grasped it with her own hand and brought it to her mouth. She kissed his fingertip and sucked his finger into her mouth, and the taste of his skin was incredible. This made her realize two things: That Mesmer’s suggestions still worked and that since she could move by choice and that fuzzy feeling in her head was gone she probably wasn’t in a trance any more. She considered pushing him away, to try to get away, but he felt so good and had made her cum harder than she thought humanly possible. Instead she let his fingers slip from her mouth.

“Please… Please take my ass again, Mesmer,” she moaned.

He chuckled.

”My name is Nikolaj. Mesmer is just a stage name.”

She felt his lips on her neck and his cock dragged back between her lips until it nudged at her back door, wet with her juices. She felt her ass open up for him, but he just teased her, rubbing and pushing in just a centimeter before pulling back. She tried shifting her hips back, arching to get him inside, but he followed her movements until she started to whimper.

“Please Nikolaj, fuck my ass, I need it!”

He pushed inside her in one slow and steady movement, her pleasure building and building until finally his lower stomach pushed against her ass. She came hard. As she came down from her high, she saw Nikolaj’s hand in front of her. Caroline sucked his fingers, eager for the taste of him.

He fucked her slow and steady, almost lovingly as he kissed her neck, suckled her ear, kissed her shoulder and held her tight. The hand that wasn’t occupied with her mouth traced up and down her tummy, played with her belly button, and up to her tits. Every once in a while he would push deep inside of her and stay there as she came, moaning around his fingers as her ass milked his dick.

She felt him swell inside her and he pushed in deep, making her cum, her clenching ass bringing him to the edge. He pushed in deep again and again, making her cum over and over until his cock erupted inside her. This set off an even stronger orgasm that just wouldn’t end, that left her breathless and her mind blissfully blank, consumed with pleasure. This time he didn’t pull out when the darkness started creeping in around the edges off her vision, and she passed out from the flood of euphoria.

When Caroline woke again, it was from the muffled sound of the alarm ringing on her phone. She was still enveloped by Nikolaj’s body, his flaccid cock resting in her crack, so she gently extricated herself, careful not to wake him. She wasn’t sure if she didn’t want to wake him because she was scared of being hypnotized again, or because she craved it, she wanted him inside her so badly that it almost scared her. She found her phone in her clutch by the couch and turned off the alarm, hastily put on her clothes and snuck out of the room. She hailed a cab and got back to her hotel just in time to shower and get ready for the first event of the day.

She felt weak in the knees, her panties were long since soaked through and she felt wetness run down the insides of her thighs, but she carried on with a smile, because he had commanded it.

As the day went on she couldn’t focus, her mind went back to the previous night again and again; that total lack of control and the strange relief and freedom of any guilt it provided, the exhilaration of being on a stage, being admired without stage fright, and of course the pleasure, the strange, incredible pleasure. Caroline had always had a bit of a submissive streak, and being hypnotized was like the ultimate form of submission, it made her wet just thinking about how it had felt just to be commanded and not being able to resist.

At lunch she looked up when The Great Mesmer would perform next, and saw that he had a show at four. The time was moving so slowly as she sat through the afternoon lectures, debating with herself if she should go see him again. By three she had made up her mind and walked back to her hotel room, making a quick stop at a pharmacy on the way. She cleaned herself inside and out and gave herself a Brazilian wax, paying extra attention to her ass. Caroline put on a tight summer dress and headed out the door in her sexiest heels. She got to the show just as Nikolaj stepped on stage and smiled nervously at him. He gave her a broad smile back and then gave his opening spiel about how hypnosis worked then said he would start picking volunteers from the audience.

Of course he picked Caroline first, and as she stood up she noticed that the audience this time was almost all male, and she regretted the dress and heels. He had her under just as fast this time, and as he stood close to her he whispered his first command, “While you are on this stage you will cum gently when I touch your skin, but you will show no sign of it outwards, it will be our little secret.” With that he ran his fingers down her arm and suddenly she was cumming.

Mesmer used his control over her to show off his talent and to show off her body, much to the audience’s appreciation. After he felt he should move on from her and take some more volunteers up on stage he stated that Caroline would remain and act as his assistant. In the hour and a half she was on stage Nikolaj must have touched her 20 times, and each time she came. She felt weak in the knees, her panties were long since soaked through and she felt wetness run down the insides of her thighs, but she carried on with a smile, because he had commanded it. She did notice that Nikolaj had to adjust his crotch a few times and she was excited to have that effect on him.

As soon as the show was over he hurried her back to his hotel room, bent her over the couch, wet his cock with her juices and plunged in deep in her ass, setting off a much stronger orgasm that left her breathless.

For the rest of the week, Caroline skipped out on the trade convention and spent her time with Nikolaj, being his slave, his lover, his assistant, and in between, they started to get to know each other, and started to like each other. He offered to drive her to the airport on the Sunday, and as they drove she saw him get out the crystal. All of a sudden they had arrived, and for the first time Caroline had no memory of what had happened while she was under. They kissed goodbye and Caroline went through the airport and boarded her plane. As she flew she replayed the week over and over in her mind, and she got so horny that she just had to find relief. She snuck into the tiny bathroom to masturbate, but no matter how hard she tried she just wouldn’t cum. She started to realize then what Nikolaj must have told her while she was hypnotized in the car.

During the week she grew more and more sexually frustrated, constantly horny and never finding release. During her week in Vegas, she had climaxed more than in her entire life before, and going from that to nothing but frustration was incredibly hard. She tried to call Nikolaj through the hotel, but she just got his machine, again and again. Her work was suffering, she was constantly distracted, and honestly she didn’t care much anymore. Her coworkers were as bitchy as ever, and Caroline’s mood made her finally start talking back, though this meant that she felt even more on the outside. Her nipples were constantly hard and when her boss, Mr. White, couldn’t stop staring at her tits during a meeting she couldn’t really blame him. When he casually grabbed her ass as they left the room, she finally had had enough. She slapped him and yelled and berated him, finally yelling out, “I quit!” and storming out.

Caroline called her super and told him she was moving out, booked the first flight to Vegas available and packed up all her belongings. What she couldn’t get in her suitcases she put in storage, and then it was off to the airport.

It was 2 AM when she knocked on Nikolaj’s door. After a few minutes, he opened sleepily and was surprised as she threw herself at him, giving him a deep kiss. After he got over his surprise they quickly dragged her bags inside, then he stripped her of her clothes as they stumbled to the bed. Caroline was so in need after over two weeks without an orgasm she was more aggressive than she had ever been. She pushed him down on the bed, eagerly sucked on his cock to get it wet and hard. She straddled him, reached behind her to get it in position, then pushed back as her ass swallowed the big cock, making her moan loudly. She kissed him as she pushed down and he pushed up, and she moaned and quivered as she finally came, and she knew she was where she belonged. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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