This Is What I Learned About Life And Love From Walking Through A Cemetery

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Tom Skarbek-Wazynski / Unsplash

I drove to the cemetery today. I stopped at my grandparents’ grave before finding myself slowly walking around.

I was paying attention to the years that people were alive, the years that they were married, and the years that they were alone without their partner.

The more I looked, the more I felt the world around me start to slow down.

My gravestone isn’t going to state my income or salary, the amount of social media followers I have, or the mundane tasks I perform on a day-to-day basis.

I found myself caught up in the pace of life and failing to see the silver lining to it.

There are moments where I’ve blinked and found myself months down the road. I can’t seem to recall what I did or where the time went.

A truth that I realized is that life passes by at such a quick pace. I am here for a short period of time in the grand scheme of life.

I realized I often get lost in daily activities that hold no meaning in the long run.

I realized I stress about things that hold no true value in life.

There is a reason that a global phenomenon is love and parenthood.

To create a life, to shape that life, and to guide that life.. that is powerful. To do this while holding the hand of another… that is what this world is about.

Life is simple.

Life is short.

Life is about love.

If you are lucky enough to find it, you need to understand that the world does not owe that to you. It is a privilege.

The ability to share that love will be taken away from you one day. Whether it’s when you are laid to rest, or when you are walking the earth alone after your love has passed on.

No one has the answers of what will come. No one knows what tomorrow will bring.

But, if you treat love like a privilege, time will stand still, and the beauty you create will last an eternity. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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