Date The Girl Just Like This

Date the girl who goes after what she wants. So many people these days don’t know what they want, where they are headed; the completely lack the sense of want and determination.

The girl who knows what she wants will always be determined to get it.

Date the girl who lacks a filter. These girls will always tell you what they mean and why they say it. You will never have to guess with these girls, they will always be upfront with you.

Date the girl who tries too hard. This girl will do anything and everything for you. They will go above and beyond for you, so why not date the girl who will give their all to you?

Find yourself a girl who can laugh at herself. She’s the girl who doesn’t take herself so seriously. She’s the girl who is able to make a joke and definitely take a joke. You won’t have to worry about offending her, she has a pretty thick skin.

You should date the girl who can out-eat you. So she may eat like a pig, but at least you know that she is not self-conscious regarding food or weight. She’s the girl who will eat like a horse and have no remorse about it.

The girl that makes you smile – date her. She will make you smile when you want to cry and will make your day brighter. She is the type of girl who will bring sunshine to a cloudy day.

Date the girl who is bossy. She’s the girl who will keep you in line and will keep you grounded when you need it. She may be bossy, but she does it because she loves it.

Family is important, and she knows it. She may put family first at times, but you will always know that if you ever have a family of your own, you will always be put first.

Independence is a value she was born with. She’s the girl who will never say she needs you, because she doesn’t. She’s the girl who will tell you she wants you, but will give you the space to live your own life.

Date the girl who is kind to everyone. She will always try to fix issues and will always make sure you’re well looked after.

You also need a girl who’s argumentative. You may fight, but you know that she will always fight with, and for you!

When she’s a good tipper, you know she’s good. She knows that servers don’t make a decent wage. She is kind enough to see that they need the tips.

Look for the girl who’s not afraid to voice her feelings. She’s the girl you will never have to second guess. She’s the girl who will make her feelings known to you and make sure you know how much she cares about you.

But most importantly, date the girl who makes your heart skip a beat. That kind of girl is a once in a lifetime kind of girl. She’s the one who will keep you on your toes and the one you’ll love for the rest of your life.

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