To My Friend With Benefits: These Lines Are Blurring And You Know It

couple sitting on rock near body of water
Ryan Jacobson / Unsplash

You know, we had the perfect little setup, you and I. One that suited both of our needs oh so perfectly. You, me and the drunken fun we’d find ourselves in. You were scared of commitment and I was done with getting my heart broken, so what could be better, right?

We were never a consistent thing, but when we did meet up after so long, sparks flew and laughter grew. 

And then I met your friends, which was no big deal to me. We are such good friends that I figured you were just adding me to your group of friends.

But what I didn’t realize about meeting your friends, was that they were the key to your heart. They continuously laughed and made jokes at our expense. We hit it off as a group perfectly.

But then they called me your girl.

They told me how special I was to you and how I was the perfect one to love you. And I believed them, and I think you did too because that’s when it changed.

That’s when I realized that the lines between us were blurring, and disappearing quickly before our eyes. 

What made them blur completely was the day I had dinner with your family. And how comfortable I felt around them and how they made me feel at home.

It was then that I noticed that home would be anywhere that I was with you. 

I don’t know if it’s the right time for us to date and jump into something completely new. Something with an “official” label. But maybe it is. Maybe this isn’t all that new.

Maybe a label is the only difference between crossing the line from here to love.

All I know is, that this perfect little symphony that we had orchestrated has shifted into something so much more than it was when we first started.

We’ve blurred the lines, and neither one of us is looking back, just looking forward into a sea of possibilities for us to explore.

That is if we let ourselves explore it, and if we’re willing to open our hearts to this love, even just a little bit. TC mark

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