6 Reasons You Will Never Lose Your Childhood Friends


While it seems awesome to keep the same childhood friends forever, it can also be unrealistic. There comes a time to grow up and try knew things. Everyone takes a different path in life. Maybe your journey is going off to college where you are going to find new interest and meet brand new lifelong friends. Or perhaps you chose to travel the world, an adventure that may broaden your horizon and lead you to love. Possibly you get right into work after high school and are too busy trying to make money that you loose touch with your friends.

At some point in life you take a journey to find yourself. While you are finding yourself, new interests, new friends, new places, you may find a whole new life. Your new life might not include your old friends. Although what is best for you in your life right now may not include your past friends, your childhood friends will always be important people you can count on. No matter where you end up, you will always go back to your first friends. And here is why:

1. They know your family better than anyone.

You can tell anyone the endless stories about your family member, but your childhood friends know first hand. They have listened to you complain when your siblings were driving you nuts. They were just as annoyed when your parents grounded you. They have attended your family parties and seen the late night drama with your aunts and uncles. They cried with you when your grandparents passed away. They sat through most of your family’s Sunday night dinners, and of course they have their own favorite dish of your mom’s. Your siblings have the same bond with your first best friend as you do. Your adulthood friends may know all the details in your family history, but your childhood friends felt the emotions of those family stories with you.

2. They never judge you.

No matter how big of a mistake you make, your childhood friends won’t mind. They have already seen you at your worst, and lets face it, nothing can be more embarrassing than your awkward high school phase that they stood by and loved you through. You cannot forget who was there the first time you drank too much. Luckily you were brought up with friends who would clean up your puke, text your mom you weren’t coming home that night, and sneak you into their basement so your parents wouldn’t know you were drinking. And of course you never had to feel bad about it because you did the same for them.

3. You do not need to hide your quirks.

Sometimes you are in the mood to dance even though you have no sense of rhythm. Or you want to belt your favorite song at the top of your lungs even though you are tone deaf. Who is better to do these activities with than the people who revealed how truly awful you were at them? You might be embarrassed you still sleep with your ‘blankey’ in front of your new friends, but your old friends have had plenty of sleepovers with that old piece of cloth.

4. They will always reminisce on the best times with you.

Every story you have, they have the same one. You love to tell your hilarious stories of your past to your new friends, but your old friends can help you tell the stories. And remind you of the ones you’ve forgotten. Nothing can give you a better laugh than reliving your foolish memories with the people you made them with.

5. They will always give you a reality check.

Your adult friends may always be there for you and listen to your problems, but your childhood friends will put you back in place. They were there for your first heartbreak, and helped you realize life goes on its no reason to cry for days. They have been around long enough to know when they are brutally honest that you will get over it. If your being dramatic, you better believe they will tell you to knock it off because no one wants to listen to you whine about something so stupid. And when you bought a new sweater, they won’t fake love it, they will tell you to change without a problem. They rather put you in place than let you embarrass yourself.

6. They know just what you need.

They know exactly what buttons to push for a good laugh when you are messing around. But they also know what to do to cheer you up. You love getting iced coffees? Well when you are in a bad mood you bet they are on their way to your house with your favorite treat. You are having a bad day and want to be left alone? I am sure your new friends are coming up with the best advice, but you just don’t want to hear it at the moment. You may put on a big fake smile so no one asks ‘what’s wrong?’ and everyone believes it, but your childhood friends have seen it too many times to believe it now. They know to just sit by your side and let you calm down in silence. Then when you are ready to talk, they are waiting for you to open up. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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