10 Reasons Why You Need A Southern Woman In Your Life

1. Comfort food: Have you ever had a bowl of fresh baked peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream or a slow-cooked pulled pork sandwich? Enough said.

2. That Southern hospitality: Southern women are sweeter than muscadine wine and you will be offered just about everything when visiting one.

3. They can drink: If they can’t drink you under the table, they can at least keep up. Beer isn’t just a beverage, it’s a pastime.

4. Getting dirty: Southern women will always be there to help with all of the hard work. Most of them have worked fields, fired guns, and raised farm animals. Who says you can’t look cute in overalls and boots?

5. Family/friends: Friends are family, and a Southern woman would fight a pack of lionesses to protect her family. They mean everything to her and she will always stand by them, even through the worst times.

6. They aren’t afraid to eat: Have you ever seen a Southern woman order a salad at a restaurant? Hell no! Bring on the steak, ribs, and brisket!

7. Classy: No one can charm you into doing anything and put you at ease like a Southern Belle.

8. Relationships: Southern women know how to work hard at everything, so they know not to expect a relationship to be smooth sailing. And they aren’t going to leave just because it gets a little rough.

9. Fun: Ever been to a country club? Southern women will never turn down a dare to ride a mechanical bull, square dance, or drink shots of whiskey with you.

10. Actual comfort: They have the sweetest voices and the softest kisses. They know how to soothe your soul and sing the most beautiful lullabies. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – Nashville

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