Having The Strength To Answer

As hard as it is to find a significant other in today’s society, it is even harder to find that special someone who can answer the simplest of questions: Do you see this going anywhere?

In what I would call the age of convenience, the number of people who want true love seems to be dwindling. While I am one of the women who want a forever man, am I the only one? I hate wasting time, so therefore I go into every relationship hoping for the best, but sadly preparing for the worst. I can’t count the number of diversions I have heard when I have asked that dreaded question, “So, babe, where do you see this going?” With answers ranging from solely laughter to him saying, “Let’s just focus on the here and now,” hope is nowhere to be found. While I am not over the hill just yet, I do want a man who is ready to make a commitment, settle down, and move into the future…together.

While relationships take time, time is of the essence. You should know whether you can see yourself with someone you have spent the past few years with. If you trust who you are with, see them as your equal, and are happy with them, why not make the suggestive measure of talking about a future together? We are not asking for much when we ask, “Do you see this going anywhere?” We are not requesting you propose right there, right then. We are not asking you to give up everything you are doing, everything you are trying to accomplish, and put your dreams aside to live with us right now. If someone is asking you to do these things, then you are not with the right person. The right person will be willing to wait, but not forever.

We are simply asking for a small amount of hope. I want hope that all the effort I have put in over the years hasn’t been for nothing. Some may not want to talk this deep with their partner, I do. When you are ready for a long term commitment, you know it. You feel it deep within your soul, dream about it often, and want nothing else. Hope is not too much to ask for, but why does it push people away?

Convenience is a benefit, and a curse. While some are willing and able to put effort into a relationship, they aren’t ready to put more than fifty percent effort. They aren’t ready to let themselves go, enter the relationship with an open heart, and can’t give you what you want. I would suggest giving them time to come around (although not an endless amount of time), but always remember what you want. While compromise is important in every beneficial relationship, compromise has to come from both sides. Love is not a one way street. A cliché, but the truth.

Find that special someone who is willing to give you a small dose of hope. After all, a small dose is enough to keep us satisfied. We just want to know you see us important to you, not just a place holder. If you only want a place holder, find someone who wants the same thing.

Please don’t taint the good things, the good people, that don’t come around often. If you don’t see it going anywhere, please leave. Time is not unlimited, so save some by either instilling hope for your future within your partner, or step aside and let someone who wants a future have a shot. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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