Why Revisiting Boys From High School Is Oddly Satisfying

Community: Season 4
Community: Season 4

So you’ve gone off to college. You’re a new, mature, woman! Maybe you’re even a member of some top tier, philanthropy-blessing sorority attending soirées with chaco-adorning, fratastic young men. Yet, the moment you’re within a thirty-mile radius of your alma mater you’re snapchat is blowing up with faces from yearbooks past and you’re giddily replying making sure to get your cool college logo frocket in your perfectly filtered selfie. So why when we’ve got the entire world at our fingertips do we choose to fall back to the familiar faces we swore we were sick of?

Because they know your quirks. The boy at college doesn’t understand why you don’t want to go bowling at some lame take a date but the guy you were locker neighbors with in high school remembers when your pinkie was broken due to a misguided release. Guess you just tried to put a bit too much spin on it. Nbd…

Because you have a past. In the midst of making new memories with the guys back home you’re continually laughing at you’re “slightly emotional phase” (AKA crying everyday Freshman year), throwing up mid-cheer at a football game, teaching physics to your slightly ill prepared teacher, not to mention the millions of awkward fashion phases… (*Cough, cough* straight bangs!)

Because you don’t have to give short biographies when talking about people.
Home-Town Boy: “________ is pregnant with ________’s baby”

College Guy: “________ (this girl I used to run track with who ended up being a complete pot head for a spell but now is completely engrossed in her faith) is pregnant with _______ (this dude who I totally cannot stand because he used to date my best friend freshman year and then cheated on her)’s baby.

And guess what, they still really don’t care?

Because you’re like an interesting new person?! When I first came back home after going to a Big 12 University and being a NCAA cheerleader, I was like a hometown celebrity. I had, in everyone’s eyes, “Made it!”   People that I had grown up with wanted to hear every detail of my life. I was no longer the bug-eyed, freckle faced 8th grader who was a total nerd, I was now a cultured, slightly more educated young lady who has been in the same facility as famous football players! Whaaaa? We got a cool kid ova hereeee!

Lastly, because at the end of the day, they understand you far better than anyone you could ever randomly meet at college. I mean they witnessed you get your first car, they cried next to you when you buried close friends much too young to lose, they voted for you to be Football Sweetheart, held your hair while you threw up and much much more. Am I saying run home and marry your high school sweetheart right now? No! Just don’t be shocked when your heart skips a beat when that hot upper classmen’s name pops up on your phone screen. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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