A Local’s Guide To Some Of The Best Brunch Spots In NYC

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Lokal Mediterranean Bistro

Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Don’t let the name fool you — Lokal isn’t your average local restaurant, though its affordable menu might have you believe otherwise. With large open windows, outdoor seating, and Mediterranean-themed décor, Lokal is the perfect brunch spot to class it up without breaking the bank.

Pro-tip: Situated just outside of McCarren park, Lokal is the ideal place to kick off a feel-good day in the sun.

Blue Note

West Village, NYC

Spice up your Sunday morning with live music at Blue Note, one of the city’s oldest and most renowned jazz clubs. You’ll enjoy brunch, a drink, and jazz tunes for a flat fee of $29.50.

Pro-tip: Early birds should catch the 12:30 p.m. show, while late risers can sleep in and take advantage of the second set at 2:30 p.m.

Char No. 4

Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

Everything about Char No 4. is hearty — from their whiskey selection to their infamous smoked meats. Come for the ambience; stay because you’re subdued by a food coma.

Pro-tip: Come with an appetite — those with restricted diets need not apply.


Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Even the pickiest eater’s mouth will water over Teddy’s three-page brunch menu (yes, three pages — count ’em). Open for 125 years, this laidback neighborhood haunt is clearly doing something right: $23 bottles of Prosecco (and unlimited orange juice); grits to kill for; and impeccable service, to name a few.

Pro-tip: For some privacy, ask to be seated in the back room.


Lower East Side, NYC

While some menu items will have you reaching for a dictionary (Gravlax? Kossar’s Bialy?), Essex has a pretty impressive spread that accommodates most diets. $23.95 will get you one entrée and three (or more) cocktails — in Manhattan dollars, that’s basically so cheap that they’re paying you to eat there. (We’re not mathematicians, don’t ask us how this works.)

Pro-tip: Essex usually takes cards, but it’s cash-only during brunch. Come prepared.


Greenpoint, Brooklyn

For the best Bloody in the five boroughs, look no further than Enids. With homemade black pepper vodka and enough garnishes to make a small salad, every ingredient increases the wow-factor so often lacking in this brunch staple drink. Oh, and the food’s not bad either — recent brunch items include crab cake benedict and fried jalapeno cheese grits.

Pro-tip: If Bloody Marys aren’t your thing, try the Grimosa — a smart and slimming combination of grapefruit and champagne.


Williamsburg, Brooklyn

This modest Brazilian restaurant gives you the most bang for your buck with their $15 prix fixe — enjoy an entrée, a Brazilian cocktail, and Stumptown coffee for less than $20 after tax and tip.

Pro-tip: Hit up an ATM before chowing down — Beco is cash only.

The Sunburnt Cow

East Village, NYC

The Sunburnt Cow is not for the faint of heart — this Australian dive houses only the most hardcore brunch enthusiasts. If you’re looking to start the party early — really early — head down under for 80s power-pop and bottomless drinks.

Pro-tip: Can’t make it to the East Village? The Sunburnt Cow’s sister restaurants are located in the Lower East Side, Brooklyn, and the Upper West Side.

Le Comptoir

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Williamsburg’s best-kept secret knows how to keep its customers happy: creative French food and alcohol — lots of it. Their $24.50 prix fixe comes with an entree (we recommend the Tartine Au Short Rib) and your choice of unlimited rossinis, mimosas, or Bloody Marys. And when we say unlimited, we mean it — the servers always bring their A-game and you won’t get the side-eye once you’ve overstayed your welcome (but be fair, give others a chance to experience the perfect brunch).

Pro-tip: Le Comptoir is cash only, but has an ATM in the backyard with the lowest surcharge in the neighborhood — just $1. That alone makes it worth the trip. TC mark


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