How Twitter Would Have Changed 90s Television

Here’s how characters from our favorite 90s television shows would have used Twitter, if they had Twitter then.


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  • DAMO

    i recognise precisely 26.67% of these. i’m a spring chicken, apparently.

  • Liah

    Angela Chase. Angela Chase. Angela Chase.

  • Andrea

    “#itsnotunusual” got me..

  • Anonymous


  • Daniel Labrado

    I love you both just so much.

  • Brandon h

    321 123 wins for funniest obscure reference from a cheesy 90’s sitcom. 

    • Bethanie Marshall

      I thought I might be the only one who remembers it. 

  • Emily Anne

    Big Pete!

  • EarthToNichole

    90s TV posts usually disappoint me but this one was dead on. Kevin Arnold’s tweet/Skeeter’s twitter SN are the best.

  • kaylaf

    i feel like this is probably hilarious but none of the pictures will load :(

  • Guest


  • Kbrisk10

    you guys did this one real good

  • wtf

    was this supposed to be funny

  • Scott

    When my roommate gets drunk, he tweets really mean things at ben savage. 

  • Scott Muska

    This is amazing.

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