Watch Bill Nye Visibly Lose Faith In Humanity As He Battles Crossfire Anchor (And Is Laughed At) Over Global Warming

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According to Crossfire anchor S. E. Cupp, when it comes to global warming, the most important thing is what the public believes, not the data and facts scientists have collected (like their prediction that sea levels could rise three to five feet over the next 100 to 200 years due to climate change). Unfortunately, only 36% of Americans believe global warming poses a serious threat to their lives, so global warming is for sure not a problem. Watch here as Bill Nye frustratedly tries to duck and counter a whole lot diversionary rhetoric and loaded questions while his faith in humanity begins to crumble (his mind gets blown around 07:50), then head over to our rundown of which cities could be completely under water after the Western Antarctic Ice Sheet Melts, according to those out-of-touch crazies over at NASA. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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