Scientist Takes 70-Foot Fall Down Ice Crevasse — Not Only Survives, But What He Captures On Camera Is Seriously Difficult To Watch

How this scientist managed to survive this huge fall down this ice crevasse is beyond me, but it looks like he got messed up pretty bad. On his Facebook page he reports that he got out alive with a dislocated shoulder, broken arm, five broken ribs, and some damage to his face:

I checked myself out of the ICU today after a miraculous night of healing – not really an hospital type of guy. Injuries across my body but no single one will kill me – although I need to consult Alex Stella on this. The worst was having a dislocated shoulder for 32 hours before they could re-set it – worst pain I have ever felt. Broken bones were only a humerous and five ribs – although the humerous will probably require surgery at some point. The internal bleeding has stopped and they said the accumulated blood will go away. Smashed knee, scarred left eye that won’t open all of the way, and that’s about it. I landed on my right arm and side so both of my feet and legs were dangling over the void and miraculously unhurt.

Amazingly, he climbed out of the crevasse himself and was airlifted to safety. Careful before pressing play – there’s blood immediately. TC mark


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