Shameless PR Person Tweets That She Successfully Placed Article In The New York Times

“This story was our idea… and we have 4 clients in it! Go Team!!” tweeted Suzanne Rosnowski, founder of public relations firm Relevance New York on Friday morning. The story in question appears in the New York Times real estate section, titled “When Age Belies Buying Power: How New York’s Young Millionaires Live,” authored by real estate journalist Julie Satow.

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Shortly after Rosnowski’s tweet, her PR firm proudly followed up with a tweet that laid claim to the idea and research behind the story: “The Relevance team decided to explore what young millionaires want in a home. Check out the results in the @nytimes”

Not too big a deal, really—PR firms exist to create these types of puff-pieces. Still, it’s fun to see the puppet-master revealed.

I mean, if I was a mega-rich person on the market for a luxury condo, I’d want to know. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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