Seaside Heights Boardwalk, Barely Rebuilt Since Sandy, Is Basically Burning To The Ground Right Now

The 6-alarm fire began just after noon today at Kohr’s Ice Cream and continues to blaze throughout much of the boardwalk, out of control. Eventually spreading to 19 other buildings, the fire has been driven by strong winds and the fact that many of these structures are old, wood, and not up to fire code, according to CBS-TV.





From TC contributor Michael Solana, who grew up at Seaside Heights:

This is a huge property hit, for sure, but also a kind of tragedy of spirit. Many of the businesses spared by Hurricane Sandy are now burning to the ground, just yards from the rollercoaster that lived through the winter in the middle of the ocean. It feels a lot like end game. The overwhelming feeling coming out of my hometown right now is, I think, hopelessness.

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