Lol @ This Video Compilation Of People Reacting To The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Red Wedding Last Night

R.I.P. TC mark


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    […] How are we going to cope with this? What could they possibly do to us in the finale next week? Lol @ This Video Compilation Of People Reacting To The ?Game Of Thrones? Red Wedding Last Night | Th… Basically me. All night. I was in a bad mood yesterday and couldn't figure it out, and my […]

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    […] Here is a video compilation of audience reactions to last Sunday’s episode BTW. Though chuckling at the shock and horror of your friends, family and/or significant others is not cool IMO. Just as it’s not really cool to let friends walk into something like Game of Thrones unprepared. When recommending something like Spooks or Game of Thrones to other people, I usually tell them, “This is really good, but don’t get too attached to the characters, cause a lot of them die.” Interestingly enough, I never had problems persuading people to watch Spooks, but a lot of them refuse to watch Game of Thrones. No idea why, since both are equally happy to slaughtetr characters and – more importantly – both play relatively fair by having serious and horrible things happen to likable characters early on, Spooks by shoving a junior agent face first into a deep fryer in the second episode and Game of Thrones by shoving Bran from the tower in the first episode (plus slaughtering a bunch of unnamed men of the Night’s Watch and beheading the lone survivor in the opening minutes) and killing Sansa’s direwolf as well as Myka, the butcher’s boy, in the second. Never mind that Game of Thrones infamously chopped off the head of its star at the end of its first season. So yeah, if you watch this, you know what you’re getting. […]

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