“What Makes You Dominant And Me Submissive?” FOX Host Megyn Kelly Shuts Down Male Colleagues On-Air

Crazy to see a bit of a progressive agenda coming out of the FOX ether, but host Megan Kelly emerges victorious in this surprising segment in which she executes a point-by-point take-down of blogger Erick Erickson’s recent piece that argued that “stay-at-home mom” is the “natural” role for women in families and “breadwinner” is the natural role for men. She also sticks it to a more-docile Lou Dobbs. Worth a watch. TC mark
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    I too am offended by this. Why does it have to be entirely the woman’s role to be nurturing? What he is saying is offensive to the father’s that stay and home and raise their children and provide them with love and nurturing. Without putting single-parent families aside, what about the men who gain custody over their children. They have to be nurturing and firm? What is the point of having defined roles in parenting. Both parents should support, nurture, challenge, and discipline their children, regardless of gender. When there is an imbalance in parenting, children begin to take advantage of one of the parents or pit them against each other. I personally believe that that is detrimental to a marriage as well.

    And for men feeling emasculated by women bringing in bread and having power…welcome to the other side of the track. That’s the root of all issues if you think about it. No one person should have POWER over another person because then there is little room for mutual respect. Sheesh.

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