Oldie But Goodie: Guy Goes Around Around Asking When People Chose To Be Straight

Dug this one up from 2008. Remains both an excellent example of the power of logic on true closed-mindedness and another reason to restore our faith in humanity. TC mark


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    Thats a DAMN good point. You’ll hear every hater say it, that they CHOSE to be gay. Well, when did you CHOOSE to be straight? I was just drawn to that brunette boy with the cute smile and confidence. That was my first crush, I just knew I was straight. What if they did the same? What if that girl really did just look over and see the prettiest girl in class and either envy her or find her beautiful. That your child could live in a straight home and still enjoy the presence of the same sex more than the other. Its not wrong. And, though you call it a choice. Its not a choice they’d ever make for themselves. It’d be easier to be straight, they know. But, thats not who they are. Can’t we just accept it? Thats who they love, thats who they crave, thats who they want. Leave them be.
    I’ll do my thing, you do yours. :)

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