How To Tell If Somebody Loves You

Valentine’s Day eBook time. Buy “How To Tell If Somebody Loves You” on Amazon here and the iBookStore here.

How To Tell If Somebody Loves You

We launched our eBooks project with, among other titles, How To Be A 20-Something — a collection of funny, cathartic essays from some of our website’s finest about the perils of being in your 20s. Today, to honor a holiday infamous to most people wondering if they’re going to end up alone or finally find The One, we’re presenting a second collection of personal essays from the TC vanguard about love and sex, edited by our very own January Nelson. It’s called How To Tell If Somebody Loves You, and it’s for when you’re single and want a story about being forever alone to relate to, or when you’re in an awesome relationship and want to read about other people who’re right along next to you in the trenches of love. Plus it’s also a great gift for your Valentine. It’s available for purchase on Amazon and at the iBookstore today, and will be distributed for the Nook and Google Play soon. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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