Discussion: Where’s The Best Place To Go On Vacation?

Summer is over. School is back in session, the leaves are beginning to change, everyone’s sick of the heat. Most people are back from vacation, but ours just started. No, literally — TC is vacationing right now in Provincetown.

I think it’s pretty decent. I grew up in the West so I haven’t seen much of New England, and this place seems relaxing as any place I could imagine in New England. But it doesn’t compare to some of the other places I’ve enjoyed. Lisbon. Barcelona. Antwerp. Oaxaca. Cambodia.

I’ve never been anywhere in Scandinavia, which is where I really want to go. I also want to see Moscow and Tokyo (where there are cat cafes). I want to spend a month in Tokyo. I want to see Seoul and Monte Carlo. I’ve spent time in Italy, but it was so long ago that I hardly remember anything about it.

Anyways, I need to know. Where’s the best place to go on vacation? Where’s the most beautiful city? The most relaxing? The scariest? The cheapest?

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