21 Pictures Of Cats Being Awesome Way Before The Internet Existed

Kittens on the HMS Hawkins, circa 1919.

Cat on the HMAS encounter, sitting in the muzzle of a 6-inch gun. Taken during the First World War.

Outdoor cat wants inside, in the 1930s.

Kitten in a bonnet, circa 1885.

Cat posing for portait, circa 1875.

Cat enjoying jazz music in New York City, circa 1946.

Cat helping its owner nurse a sick swan back to health, circa 1950.

Mexican cat posing for portrait, circa 1868. Provided by Southern Methodist University, Central University Libraries, DeGolyer Library.

Cat enjoying radio, circa 1930.

Cat with funny facial expression, circa 1910.

Cat watching two lovers part, circa 1939.

Kitten navigating ice ship, circa 1902.

Cat stealing beer in a bar on the Bowery in Manhattan, 1947.

Charles Lindbergh playing with kitten, circa 1930.

Cat resting in broken cargo box, 1940s.

Cat learning how to sail, date unknown.

Stately cat is stately, circa 1910.

Uncomfortable cat, 1930s.

Cat on a leash, being walked with a dog. Poor cat. Date unknown.

Young cat trying to figure out how to eat a bird, circa 1880.

Sailors enjoying black cat, 1940.

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