The New Samsung Smart TV: Look, But Don’t Touch


Here’s something Back to the Future for you: Samsung’s first generation smart TV — fully-interactive televisions that respond to voice activation and body motion control. Shot in Brazil with a hot model unwittingly wooing a grip of men, the advertisement below shows the new device — one of the first of the next-generation televisions to hit the market. It’ll deliver a richer, more intelligent experience to viewers across the world. Enjoy the video! TC mark


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  • anon

    um ok, since when does thought catalog ADVERTISE? this was one of the few sites i could come to without being sold something right and left :( 

  • LA

    There is soooooo much advertising in here now. The page takes a long while to load just because of these stupid video advertisements. Its everywhere and pops up all the time. Also, the content is being added in a much slower pace than before.
    Come on!!

  • Anonymous

    As a young person, I consider thought catalog an authority on culture and lifestyle. If this smart television product was marketed to me on a more mainstream format, I probably would disregard it. But after appearing on thought catalog, the new Samsung SmartTV seems like it might offer me some cultural cachet as well as a cool new gadget. For sure, the Samsung SmartTV is to become a buzzword in the blog world as well as my local coffee shop and brewery. 

  • AL

    Is this is joke?

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