Courtney Stodden Is Into Coughing Up Hairballs, Pooping In Litterboxes, Eating Cat Food

Courtney Stodden is either a performance artist, a hardcore YOLOer, a social crusader fighting for open dialogue about sexual diversity, or all of the above. Whatever the case, her tastes seem eclectic. In the video below, which isn’t safe for work, Stodden takes roleplaying to a sort of extreme, coughing up a hairball, faking pooping into a litter box, eating cat food? For some, the cringe-factor here will be noteworthy.


And while we’re on the subject of fetishism, here’s something else, also NSFW, in which a nice British man who likes to dress up in lady clothes while he has sex with women drinks a wine glass of VICE video-columnist Karly Sciortino’s pee.

To both of these videos my instinct is to share them and bond with my readers over our mutual disgust. But I don’t want to come across as intolerant. It is contradictory to believe as I do that judging people for their sexual preferences ultimately results in suffering and thus should be discouraged while at the same time posting a thing that can through a certain lens be metaphorized as an elementary school child at recess pointing at a kid who’s different and calling everyone over to laugh.

So then there are ways to interpret Stodden’s video that are not ‘disgust-for-that-which-we-can’t-understand.’ Maybe she and Hutchinson are balls-to-the-wall YOLOing and loving every minute of it. They’re in love and want what they want and no one’s going to stop them from trying to get it. It’s plausible. Evidence can be found in their non-conventional marriage and the fact that Stodden has posted 29 videos on her YouTube account, through all of which run a theme of unapologetic personality-voyeurism. In similar fashion, the couple allegedly not only demanded $3 million for a radio interview just after their marriage cat got out of the bag, but did it in a pretty absurd way — their sole correspondence consisting of one-line emails such as “we want 3 million to appear,” “too bad,” and “we want money.” (To Hutchinson’s credit, he claims that hackers sent these emails.)

Just as the Lady Gaga Corporation has branded itself, it is also possible that Stodden and Hutchinson’s public displays of affection are performance art intended to break our normative boundaries in the effort of one day redrawing their lines. Social change. I feel this is not likely, as little evidence of self-awareness seems to exist in Stodden — her YouTube channel featuring videos with titles such as “Crazy Courtney Bunny Buzz,” and “How Many Can I Fit In My Mouth?,” her video oeuvre doesn’t hint at even a glimmer of irony.

Ultimately I can’t deny that Stodden’s cat-food and litterbox-pooping-and-peeing fetish on display here knee-jerked me into a sort of gawking mortification. I couldn’t help it. But I think it’s important to remind myself that I am only one perception and that the narratives imprinted on me are generalized scenarios that do not account for specific people, specific personal histories, specific situations. Because the nice British man who likes to dress up in lingerie while having sex with women drinks that wine glass of the VICE girl’s pee with a straight face, showing no signs of instinctual disgust. Sciortino’s expression is inscrutable, but arguably anxiety-free.

I had my hand over my mouth. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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