Video: A ‘Small’ White Rapper Pulls A Rebecca Black

Love when people expose the ridiculousness of cliches and cultural trends via in-character parody. Stephen Colbert. Hipster Runoff. This guy. Maybe I’m just noticing it now; probably I’m just noticing it now. But there’s like, a whole new generation super trolls emerging! I really, really like it. Anyways, this is a common-cold-stricken rapper named Krispy Kreme, representing all the rappers that are smaller than you but that will still fight you. Have a laugh and listen to his song “The Baddest.” TC mark

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  • Matthew

    You’d think he’d know better than to call himself Krispy Kreme after Kanye’s Theraflu debacle. 

  • Emil Caillaux

    This guy seems like he’d have Hot Problems gettin’ down on a Friday.

  • womp

    even if you had infinity knives


    This is the kind of shit my aunt would forward me in an email

    • Anonymous

      your aunt seems cool

  • Anonymous

    My favorite part was from 2:08-2:12.  I bet he was trying to remember the lyrics.  

  • YES

    This is the best thing ever. 

  • Mdunbar13

    “i beat up every single person in jail”

    this is really a gem

  • Ivan Dutton

    lot of moisture on that upper lip

  • Guest

    Even if you had infinity knives, I would punch you up into the air like a kite.

  • Kaoru Aoi

    This is not that different from black face.

  • fanforlife

    He needs a tissue, real bad!!

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