New Brokelandia Episode Plays The Brooklyn Neighborhood Name Game

Sweet, a hilarious new Brokelandia from the cool people over at Brokelyn. This second episode of what I hope will be an ongoing series takes on the Brooklyn neighborhood name game, the G train, the East River Ferry, I think, and juicing parties. They also come up with a few new BK neighborhoods, namely, Mama Jumbo, which is “made up of all the rooftops of all the buildings in Dumbo,” and a new industrial area called Barackabilly. Classic. Now I want other cities to join in the fun. Here are cities semantically ripe for spin-offs: Oaklandia, Orlandia, Chicagolandia. And, I can’t think of anymore. Enjoy the show.

(Also, check out the article that Eric Silver — cowriter and co-star of this episode — wrote for us back in January.) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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