It’s Not Unusual! Here’s A ‘Carlton Dance’ Flash Mob!

Here’s some sweet nostalgia for you. TMZ seems to have had set up a pretty impressive flash mob situation recently. They got Alfonso Ribeiro, the actor who played Carlton Banks on 90s television hallmark Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to lead a flash mob in his signature dance to Tom Jones’ “It’s not unusual” in LA. Only thing that could have improved the performance would have been stern glares from Uncle Phil and a Will Smith cameo. I’m a fan. TC mark


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  • Grace Elizabeth

    This is so wonderful :D

  • lee

    Next week: Jaleel White leads an Urkel dance flash mob

  • Guest

    that was the worst example of a flash mob ive ever seen. but i do love carlton <3

  • Michaelwg

    I want to be a flash-mob organizer, there’s no greater calling.

  • mel

    umm aren’t flash mobs meant to look random and not a group of loser waiting to dance with carlton?

  • jack

    hate this shit

  • Bobby

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  • fanflorlife

    you should have watched Friends with Benefits with me….there were TWO scenes with flash mobs in NYC!  Who’s sorry now???

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