10 Cats Under 20 To Watch Out For In 2012

Scaling the heights of grace, elegance, and utter aloofness, we think these cats will be some of the movers and shakers of 2012.

Pawcrates (b. 2011) — Chicago, IL

Delighting humans with one of the most playful demeanors 2011 saw in kitties, Pawcrates set the world record for time spent attacking his own tail and chasing a flashlight beam. Pawcrates is also the youngest cat on the American team for the “How Many Times Can You Wake Up Your Owner During The Middle Of The Night By Attacking Them Apropos Of Nothing, And Other Cat Games” Games, to be held in 2015 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Doogie Meowser (b. 2009) — New York, NY

By and large known for his elegance and grace, Doogie Meowser was feted by the New York new media
intellectual elite throughout the course of 2011 for, as the Observer put it, “possess[ing] a king’s poise and an unusually rapt demeanor.” In 2012 we expect to see Doogie Meowser to enjoy even more media attention, as rumor has it he’s been contacted for several magazine shoots and is scheduled to appear in this year’s NYC Fashion Week.

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Gizmo (b. 2004) — Berlin, Germany

Hailing out of East Berlin, newcomer Gizmo caught his first big break in 2011 after a picture of him stalking pigeons — shot by an American tourist — made it to the front page of Reddit, garnering over 20,000 upvotes and less than 500 downvotes. The photo quickly caught the attention of New York-based talent agency International Creative Management (ICM), and rumor has it he’s working on a webseries with MacAulay Culkin and Claire Danes.

Simon, (b. 2009) — Seattle, WA

From Seattle’s trendy Capitol Hill neighborhood hails Simon, who impressed the Seattle public and media last November by being the first and only cat to take residence at the Occupy Seattle encampment. He used his initial media exposure to springboard into his current position as Office Pet at The Stranger, and is now something of a catlebrity in and around the Pacific Northwest. We heard he’ll be up for a Genius Award nomination this fall.

Bonkers (b. 2011) — Tokyo, Japan

Catapulted to fame last February with her hit appearance in “Kittens in Bowls” (see below), Bonkers has ridden her recent wave of stardom to land deals at multiple Japanese sitcoms and cat food commercials. Watch out for her at a venue near you this spring, when she’ll be on her first American tour.

Alabama (b. 2007) — Brooklyn, NY

Breaking into the Brooklyn underground feline scene in late 2009 with an impressive meow and super chic black coat whose sheen you can see from a mile away, Alabama turned her poverty-stricken upbringing on the streets of Bed-Stuy into personal brand that’s at once hardcore and cuddlysoft. Look out for her dazzling passersby this year on the sidewalks of Greenpoint and East Williamsburg.

Crazy Kitty (b. 2007) — San Francisco, CA

Crazy Kitty and her trademark bent tail made waves in the Mission District of San Francisco in 2011. Owner of an excessively soft coat and an adorable propensity to sit in sinks, and on your hands when you’re trying to type, watch out for Crazy Kitty this year — she’s likely got a few more tricks up her sleeve.

Chairman Meow (b. 2006) — Miami, FL

Chairman Meow gained notoriety last year with his fluffy mane and intense stare. One of the most unimpressed-with-you cats in his generation, Chairman Meow and his admirers represent a new paradigm in feline aloofness.

Tom (b. 2003) — Austin, TX

The oldest cat on our 10 Cats Under 20 list, Tom got our attention for being one of the most affectionate felines internet cat culture’s seen in a long, long time. Garnering rave reviews everywhere from the New York Times to Die Spiegel, Tom’s best known for his propensity to hop up on your lap when you sit down on the couch and begin purring without apparent cause.

Snowflake (b. 2005) — Mexico City, Mexico

Straight out of Mexico City, Snowflake made our list for her uncanny ability to scale walls and otherwise navigate intensely dangerous stunts. In February of last year, two street children reported having seen the Catina jump from one rooftop to another rooftop — a distance of about 15 feet, plus a vertical drop of around 10. Pretty impressive, Snowflake! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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