Stuff Girls Say, Pt. 3

Yesssss. @shitgirlssay continues to outdo itself. Here’s Episode 3 of Shit Girls Say, in which we see a different ‘format’ of sorts — this one lacking the quick-cut scenes we’ve come to expect and composed of two ‘skits,’ both featuring Juliette Lewis, who made a cameo in Episode 1. It’s also about a minute longer than the first two episodes, both of which definitely left us wanting more. While the humor of these videos has me completely sold on the Twitter account and the genius behind it, I can’t help but wonder what this series is going to turn into. Are they going to pitch the concept to network television? Is a book deal in the works? Does anyone have any idea? I feel like something’s going to happen here. I anxiously await. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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