Stuff Girls Say, Pt. 1

A new novelty Twitter account called @sh-tgirlssay, penned (I think) by Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard, obviously about sh-t girls say, has seen explosive growth since its creation. It’s liable to see way more after this chic video makes its rounds. Posted yesterday, it’s already at over 500k views; highlights include “Could you turn it up a bit?,” “Um, could you turn it down a bit?,” and “Listen, listen, listen, listen, LISTEN.” We think it’s super funny and are totally looking forward to more. Juliette Lewis makes a cameo, too, which is sweet. TC mark


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  • Stephanie Georgopulos

    “THIS IS SO ME” — shit girls say/me right now

  • buttercup mcgillicuddy

     i want pretty badly for this not to ‘go meme’ but… i… like… watched it eight times… also, i perceive that i say some of these things, but pretty sure that i ‘adopted’ them from girls as a way to relate better to girls, but that i don’t ‘naturally’ think any of these phrases, which seems odd/paradoxical/like it’s probably the reason this is a meme

  • Alex Moschina


  • guest

    I find this slightly offensive. It irks me how crossgendercasting is almost always used as a tool to poke fun at one specific gender. 

    • hrfe

      I just assumed that was one of the creators… no?
      The thing of it is that I say at least 3 of those things every single day. It isn’t meant in a mean way (at least I hope not).

      • Catt

        “It isn’t meant in a mean way”
        Whether someone means something or not doesn’t make a difference. If I say something racist, but “I didn’t mean it that way”, that doesn’t make it any less offensive. So, when these men poke fun at how predictable and ditzy girls are (because, omg, they never stop talking and are so forgetful and inept with technology LOL AMIRITE??), whether they mean it to be mean or not is irrelevant.

      • Denden

        Sorry beb, learn to deontology. 

        Signed, ethnic minority gay male

    • Jay_Z

      It’s really more like a very accurate observation than anything. I don’t think this was meant to be offensive.

  • kaylee



  • Catt

    I hate this for the same reason I hated Adam Sandler in Jack and Jill.

  • beentheredonethat

    This video is actually shit my boyfriend says.  Except for the part about the purse.

  • Tea Cookies

    last 10 secs when he’s just stuffing his face on auto-pilot. I DIED. 

  • Ingrid Bejerman

    Worth it for the Juliette Lewis cameo alone.

    • Raegan


  • AMY

    Do guys never say “what’s wrong with my computer?”

  • becci


  • Katie

    This is kinda embarrassing cause it’s so true. 

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