Indie-Celebs Answer: How Are You Preparing For The Apocalypse?

This week our friends over at Impose posted a video in which they asked a bunch of hipster-celebs how they’re preparing for the coming end of the world. Weirdly, Colorado comes up a number of times, and irony/ too-cool-hair reigns throughout. Featured artists include: Big Boi, Theophilus London, Das Racist, Jeff the Brotherhood, Trash Talk, Big K.R.I.T., Weekend, No Joy, Domo Genesis, Jay Rock, The Cults, Moon Duo, Dom Kennedy, Cloud Nothings, Idiot Glee, Hunx and His Punx, Tearist, Pictureplane, Prince Rama, Sun Araw, Tennis, Lower Dens, Parts & Labor, Heavy Hawaii, Greg Fox, Dirty Beaches, Woodsman, Bass Drums of Death, Dent May, and Quiet Hooves. I know who like, 2% of the people on this list are, but I’m sure you liked all of them before they were cool. Right? TC mark

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  • Andy Johnson

    you understand that “celebrity” requires notoriety, right? 

    • Nikki McGillicuddy

      LoLgasm from that comment.

  • Nikki McGillicuddy

    I got about halfway through this before I couldn’t watch anymore. 95% of the interviews I saw were just people trying to be witty and failing hard. I’m sure they’ll chalk that up to “you just don’t get it”. I mean I get it, it’s just not funny. 

  • a.

    Well, just successfully wasted five minutes of my life.

  • scin


  • Michael Koh

    typical answer should be: I’m not

  • M.Drew

    ya moon duo and tennis. wow these bands are hella famous. i can’t relate.

  • Frida

    i love cloud nothings, but hmm…

  • Kate

    i miss you as a writer, not as some guy that thinks that videos are cool.

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