Here’s Ryan Gosling In A “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas” Skit

Here’s a new Ryan Gosling thing for you. Does it matter what this new Ryan Gosling ‘thing’ is? Does it matter in what capacity Ryan Gosling deigns to grace the internet with his presence? Does anything other than Ryan Gosling matter at all? Obviously not. No — he is Ryan Gosling. Man Among Men. A chiseled god in a land of puny mortals. Even heterosexual males such as myself sometimes find themselves speculating on what he might smell like up close, or if he might compliment us on our style choices if we were in some kind of bromance. No — it does not matter what the video below — which also features some other famous albeit completely insignificant actors you’ve maybe but probably never heard of — might describe. The only important thing here is that it is a vehicle for further consumption of Ryan Gosling, who at this very moment is definitely thinking, “Hey girl. Merry Christmas.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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