Some Tweets From US Presidents, If They Had Twitter Then

Here are a few imagined past US presidents’ Twitter musings, had these men been privileged enough to experience the world of microblogging and oversharing culture in their time as presidents of the United States of America. Please forgive any historical innacuracies–this contributor was a psychology major.


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  • Enah Cruz


  • Stephanie Georgopulos


  • Anonymous

    @honest_abez is a Humblebragger

  • Mila Jaroniec

    So good. I’m dying

  • Nive


  • Samie Rose

    I’d like to hope that our forefathers wouldn’t type so poorly. :c This was funny, though!

  • Puddles

    oh my god, bill clinton, i fucking loveyou

  • Oliverjazzz

    if they had had, right?

  • George Takei


  • Anonymous

    I wish Abe’s was #humblebrag

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