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Newsroom Freaks Out Over Spider

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Here’s a funny one for you. Watch this killer spider induce some serious arachnophobia in a local weather man as he fumbles through his report, eventually threatening to leave the studio entirely. The Fear then proceeds to infect another news anchor in a show of hilarious panic and chaos, while the dude with the spider on his arm just continues to be an asshole. Can’t really blame them – that spider is decidedly Not Ok. TC mark

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    • Daily tc reader

      this was hilarious!

    • S Austen

      Ew ew EW! I’d grab a damn baseball bat at that point and smack it, whether it’s still on that mans arm or not! 

    • Blake Austin

      Gays shouldn’t do the weather report.

      • Mike

        I agree, you should never do the weather report.

    • Dave P

      Fun times on FOX 59

    • Lol

      It’s. just. a. spider. 

      I don’t get it.

      • Anonymous

        killer spider?

        i get it.

        • Lol


    • Michael Koh

      Guys, it’s obviously alluding to the fact that FOX uses fear and scare tactics against people. ~*~*FOX59*~*~

    • Menotyou

      it would only be as harmful as a bee sting if it made it thru his thick wool coat and shirt. it looked like it could care less!

    • Kait

      Someone once brought a Tarantula to my elementary school during a sort of fair day, and none of the teachers would stand over there, none of the kids wanted it to come out of the tank (and if it did, everyone backed up), and my mom was in terror when I grinned and reached for it.  The spider’s name was Rosie, and she really did not seem like she would harm anyone.

      My grandpa bragged about the scene at church with his guy buddies, who still don’t believe it all these years later because of the time they had seen me “hiding” behind the stage curtain and a Wood Spider had touched my hand, sending me screaming out of the curtain, over the trash cans, off the stage, and under a table.

      • Kevin Kelly Kenkel

        well wood spiders are fucking terrifying! been there

    • Frida

      Hahahaha! Lol at ‘Get it away from me!’

    • Anonymous

    • Guest


    • Woyzeck

      Nice and fluffy. Incidentally, whoever cued up that footage of the candy apple immediately after the close-up shots of a spider “the size of a softball” is a god-damn genius. I’ll bet that business is overjoyed.

    • Anonymous
    • Perfect Circles

      That guy is part spider so he’s not afraid of them.

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