The Situation’s Epic Freak Out On Jersey Shore

Wow. I was a bit nervous for him at first, but “The Situation” really stepped up the alpha to muscle man Ronnie, especially with the whole complete loss of control freak out thing. Notice that the dude actually half-drools half projectile-froths at one point.

I wonder how they feel, really. It must be out in the open between cast and crew: they’re circus acts. Much like The Real Housewives, the only reason the show exists is for us to gawk and feel reassured about our own lives, because, hey, we know we’re definitely not as idiotic as them.

Or is it left unsaid? Perhaps the knowledge is merely an undercurrent none of them are able to articulate – only feel, at times, as a nagging, vague sense of discomfort that something’s not right. This is doubtful, though.

Maybe the most reasonable guess is that they heavily fortify their own idiocy with repeated self and group affirmation. The millions of dollars MTV and other sponsors are giving them most likely provide much needed justification for being extreme douchebags and douchebaguettes as well.

Whatever’s the case, they’re still getting paid, and they’re still on air, so enjoy the freak show. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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