The Most “Fascinating” Local Clothing Store Commercial You’ll See All Day

Um, wow. How about that ending? Meet dude, purveyor of fine ladies’ clothing at Divine Rags, a clothing store in Memphis, Tennessee. My trolldar is going off here, albeit slightly, as I’m a little suspicious this is a joke, but the store does appear to have a website, which is perhaps just as confusing as the commercial. Anyways! If you ever find yourself in Memphis in need of some fascinating clothing… you know where (or where not) to go. TC mark


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  • jill

    oh it’s real.

  • Andrea Nero

    tim and eric should collab. he’d be the next david liebe hart.

  • C.

    I’m guessing the kissing the dog part is to parody the guy in the directv commericial kissing the tiny giraffe..

    Yes I watch too much tv

  • Josh Liburdi

    beautiful women!

  • Josh Liburdi

    beautiful women!

  • indi

    behind the scenes:


  • Anonymous

  • Greg Petliski

    Reminds me of this guy

  • Thegirlwhofellasleep


  • Dingus

    It’s real. Memphis is full of ridiculous ghetto commercials. Look up “It’s All Good Auto Sales” and “Heaven Sent Auto Sales”.

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