Iowa State Fair Now Selling Deep Fried Butter

America sure is winning hard lately, isn’t it? Let me count the ways America is winning. Batshit Republicans, spineless Democrats, a tanking economy, rampant corruption, a terrible job market, widespread diabetes, corporate evil… I should stop before I get too upset over here. But not before adding one more: deep fried butter! Yes, the Iowa State Fair has degenerated to the point of instead of serving real food, they’re selling fat… dipped in fat… then fried in fat, then topped with sugar! Jesus. TC mark


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  • Super

    i might be sick

  • Super

    i might be sick

  • holy god.


  • Danielle3zuckerman

    I just gagged.

  • Samie Rose


  • NoSexCity

    I at least understood the taste point for items like fried Twinkies & Oreos… but butter? Really? Ugh.

  • Hank Single

    AMERICA! WHY?!?!

    Why are we this place?

    • guestwah

      “why are we this place” ? because of people like you, just sayin.Β 

  • Leah

    barfing barfing barfing

  • Anonymous

    to add to that list, pointless journalism

  • Veganleather

    Whenever someone takes a bite of butter-on-a-stick, it dribbles poopi all over the place.

  • Veganleather

    Whenever someone takes a bite of butter-on-a-stick, it dribbles poopi all over the place.

  • Neste

    Hey it’s not too bad if they used natural ingredients. Β It sure isn’t margarine.Β 


      ROFL. Like your comment.

  • Gregory Costa

    Sounds more like deep fried happiness.

  • Masha Sun

    this makes me want to die

  • Rob

    Paula Deen approved, y’all.β„’

  • Tau Zaman

    I care very little for corn dogs, or butter, or Iowa. But I clicked on this piece because the pic of the guy holding the corn dog was cute.

  • Loserello

    Last year they had chocolate dipped bacon.Β  Personally, I only eat the cheese curds and drink the beer at the IA State fair.Β  I, also, gagged when I heard about this butter….situation.

  • cmgaa

    I’m away from America for 20 months, and my statement to my father, “Is it me, or is America fatter?” now has total relevance.

    And, for real, Iowa: stick to sweet corn and football.

  • kelso

    that sounds amazing!

  • Mage Baltes

    This is disgusting. I MUST HAVE ONE!!

  • MM

    i found out that at the Indiana State Fair they are frying up Kool-aid. Yep, you heard it…

  • Daily tc reader

    I love butter as much as Paula Deen. But this…this is too much.

  • Anonymous

  • GrammarNerd

    I’m just going to kill myself now before food like this has the chance to.

  • Liza Mae

    nasty. Β 

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