Here’s Your Video Of Ryan Gosling Breaking Up A NYC Street Fight

Here’s hulky heartthrob Ryan Gosling of Blue Valentine and Lars and the Real Girl fame using his giant guns – which, as he will probably attest, are actually illegal and thus impossible to get a license for – to break up a street fight that appears to be over art, of all things. “Only that guy from the movie” could have stepped in so heroically! TC mark

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  • chris

    there is hope for humanity

  • Em

    How do you *find* these videos? 

  • loco

    i want to be a good person, first i need to get huge guns

    i love the Ry Guy

  • Galilia Galilei

    he makes my heart hurt

  • ES

    I love how she’s all ‘Omigaaad it IS him!’…right before she HAS HER HAND OBSCURE HIS IMAGE.  

    Amazing guns though. Could spot them a mile off.

  • Amber

    He’s the new Leo, amirite? 

    • NoSexCity


  • Devin

    is there anything ryan gosling can’t do? 

    • NoSexCity

      absolutely nothing. except evade my love for him much longer… pesky east village. too many streets!

      • Jennifer Sussex

        oh but 9th street is so pretty

  • Michael Koh


  • Keeley Hillman

    ohmygawd. can he be anymore perfect? unlike the douchecanoe that was actually relatively large and walked up like he was going to do something to stop it, but simply proceeded to stand there and watch.

  • S Kat

    WHAT. a man! :D :D :D:


    i am so attracted to him.

  • Sprstar99

    nice -though  would he do the same if they were younger, stronger and actually fighting?

  • Damen Handle

    Now I want to see his penis

  • Madelyn Owens

    my hero!

  • Frida

    Never disappoints!

  • Anonymouse

    darn … someone changed it to private

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