Best Street Fighter Stop Motion Video With Action Figures You’ll See All Day

Here’s something to help you procrastinate through a couple minutes of your (hopefully) sunny Friday afternoon: a perfectly executed stop-motion short of an epic match between Street Fighter legends Ryu and Ken! If YouTube was around when I was playing the ORIGINAL Street Fighter on SNES, which, as it turns out, is STILL Capcom’s best selling game (yeah, I know that SF came out in arcades in Japan and for PC as early as 1987, before the SNES sequel, I checked the Wikipedia…), well… I’d totally stop writing this and glue myself to the controller and try to re-enact the badass moves shown above. But that time’s passed now; I don’t live with my parents, I cook my own meals, and instead of gaming there’s, like, porn. Happy Friday. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

via Reddit

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